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100% Pure Made in New Zealand

Why do I make clothes in New Zealand?

My story goes like this: After manufacturing for 10 years in China, it made good economic sense to keep doing so. Business was good, sales had never been better. But after cardboard packaging of an airfreighted shipment, fumigated with nasty chemicals produced an allergic reaction to my son! Another shipment so riddled with finishing compounds the clothes practically stood up like the Living Dead and stunk to High Heaven!

The effects of chemical poisoning that goes into clothes by way of pesticides, dye fixes and finishing compounds, as well as pollution of the environment, factories alongside rivers turns live rivers dead, mountains of plastic throwaways. cheap labour and fast fashion.

So in 2007, I woke up from an illusion, I made a conscious decision to bring back our production to clean green New Zealand, provide jobs for Kiwis, and to use our NZ natural sustainable resources for production in an ethical way. We care about the environment, our product and our customers.

Our commitment is

To create garments from the highest possible content of natural fibres that are eco friendly, ethical , sustainable and most importantly feel wonderful to wear and make us feel good about ourselves.

Fabrics we love are

Homegrown Merino wool, from the back of the South Island sheep. We source the highest quality of New Zealand made Merino, its breathability, warmth, softness and sustainability. We get a 93% Merino spun with 7% Spandex to create our unique fabric used in our leggings for that extra stretch. Heavenly to wear, you don’t want to take them off!

Merinos super functionality has the ability to keep you warm or cool, from -5% to 27% and stays fresh so it does not gather body odour. Our Merino is sourced, knitted and dyed right here in NZ.

And Merino modal blend of two of our favourite fibres together, we love to use this in our layering pieces as it feels light yet supportive to the body. It keeps its shape very well with the genetic memory in the cells, it goes back to its original shape after washing. Clever fabric.

Viscose made from the Native Beech trees. This cellulose fibre feels like silk but is well known for its draping abilities. Great in tunics and skirts. A favourite.

I am inspired by nature and our environment of beautiful Aotearoa. We have 300 year old pure water in Christchurch. We too are 65% water. We aim to create wellness in our clothing, wellness in our bodies and wellness in our environment.