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Eclipse by Sue Carbines represents fun, femininity and colour

Sue CarbinesNatural fibres are the essence, merino fabrics consciously sourced in New Zealand along with viscose, rayons and cottons that allow the body to breathe. The organic memory in the fibres allow the garments to keep their original shape and create a nice energy field on the body.

The brands strong colour combinations and prints are designed by Sue and are printed locally. Product development is consciously aimed at NZ's resources and pioneering new techniques gives Eclipse a leading edge.

The designs are fresh, relevant and easy to wear.

Established in 1994, Eclipse Fashion is a renowned fashion label, wholesaling to New Zealand retail shops. Proudly made in New Zealand, using the skills of New Zealanders, Kiwi ingenuity and Kiwi grown are the roots of the label.

Through her passion with the natural environment and seasonal change Sue’s designs continue to evolve.

Sue loves to make clothing that is open to all women who want to express themselves with a unique style.